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The Birds are back on the Bayshore

March 27, 2016

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Cold Swans

February 14, 2016


A Welcome sign at the end of the road

February 7, 2016


At the end of a Pine Barren trail…

January 27, 2016


It’s that kind of day on the Maurice River

October 11, 2015


The end of a summer

August 27, 2015

Last night heard the geese start to head south while traffic headed north, back to the city. Only one more week.until our summer ends. So we’re making the best of it, with small, clean waves in the cool mornings, searching for rails and other strange birds at dusk. The end of summer happens every year and still, when it does, it feels like I’ve been mugged.

rail 2 feeding frenzy 043 eagle surf

The goal of the summer is to surf, catch a fish, write, do something kind, and see a Rail Bird every day. So far, the rails are the only constant. 

August 5, 2015



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