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Mid-summer swell

August 7, 2014

Tropical storm Bertha offshore. Birds and people starting to migrate. Clapper rail babies growing up fast, playing in the wetlands. The summer passing. Good people coming and going. Black crowned night herons searching for dinner at dusk. Life at the Bayshore is pretty good at this moment.012Untitled-2023012Untitled-3Untitled-4Untitled-1

Terns in Dennis Creek

July 25, 2014

And Toadfish. And Spearing. Herons and Ibis. Osprey and Wrens. Crabs for dinner and hopefully waves in the morning. This is the Delmont life. 052 053 044

Summer at the Bayshore

June 17, 2014

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And so the summer begins…

June 5, 2014

After the cold winter and dreary spring, summer hit the Bayshore and beach like a Derecho. The water is warm, the flounder are back and waves appear seemingly out of nowhere. And like the summers of our youth, each day passes too quickly.

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How to smoke Bluefish

May 17, 2014

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Bait Hook

Drop Line


Hook Fish


Land fish





New Fiction in The Bicycle Review

April 24, 2014

“Bastard Son.” Page 51

Best Spring Break Ever

March 17, 2014

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Photos (except #6 by Mary) courtesy of William Davis—the most stoked (and best) photographer on the East Coast.

Snow on the ground in Philadelphia, but the photos and memories remain. Good times with good people in and out of the water in Florida. Only one week until spring, and before you know it summer will be here; the shore will smell like suntan lotion. The campground and Delmont will smell like good food, crabs and a campfire. People will laugh and get really stoked and we can get back in the water without getting hypothermia.


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